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We all are aware that interview is an important aspect in a job seekers life. Be it a novice or an experienced candidate, it is mandatory for them to leave and finish the interview with positive impression. This gives them more chance of getting through the interview in the first round. Leaving a good impression always helps the candidate at all times. For this to happen the job seeker must practice well in advance about how to answer, how to portray one self and other simple things should be taken into account before going for an interview.

Below are few points which will help you leave and end the interview with positive impression:

  • Show up on time: It is best to show up on time for the interview. It is better to be a little early then being late. Do not keep the interviewer waiting.
  • Answer to the point: Always answer to the point, and give the best answers to all the questions. Do not hesitate and show any kind of doubt while answering.
  • Dress up well: Dress professionally for the interview, never dress casual. Always look professional, neat and tidy while going for an interview.
  • Keep everything organized and accessible: If you are asked to show any papers or documents, you should be able to give it immediately without searching for it.
  • Keep the phone away: Do not fidget with the phone, or answer calls or keep it in the sound mode while in the interview.

Be aware of these few points and you will definitely leave a good and positive impression while leaving the interview room. This impression lasts long and you will have an edge over other job seekers. These are few simple tips that will help the candidate a lot.

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