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As you know, the SBI/IBPS/Bank exams officials have already checked your academic skills in written test, hence the interview is done solely to test your personality. Don't lie to your interviewer as nobody wants to hire a liar.


As a banking official, one deals with a lot of customers every day, hence SBI/IBPS/Bank exams officials want to hire a person who is calm and patient so as to deal with customers successfully and contribute to the growth of the bank.


Your attire plays a key role in the interview as it is the first thing observed by the interview panel. Remember, dress up formally. Just think as a customer going to bank; have you ever seen any bank official in a party-wear? You know the answer very well.


SBI/IBPS/Bank exams hires candidates who are aware of what's latest and happening in the banking sector, so be prepared to face banking-related questions


Your personality matters a lot. Always, wear a smile. Even, if you don't know the answer of a particular question, say no politely as politeness is one of the key qualities that SBI/IBPS/Bank exams looks for.

Questions asked in Bank Interview and their answers:

As such there is no fixed curriculum for the interview. As stated earlier, it depends upon your initial greeting, your resume, your body language and the mindset of the interviewer. Following are some questions that can be asked in SBI/IBPS/Bank exams interview:

 Based on your profile

1. Tell me about yourself: Give a brief overview of yourself. Keep it short and simple. Tell where you are from, where have you studied, 1-2 lines about your family members and your interests.
2. What are your strengths and weakness: Do not ever say I’m a perfectionist that’s my weakness. The interviewer will never see you in good light again.
3. Why are you unemployed from last 6-12 months: To concentrate solely on my bank exams as the competition is intense.
4. Are you willing to relocate: Yes I am willing to do that. Do not say no even if you do not want to. 
5. Why did you leave your previous job (if any): Do not say i was frustrated or I was under paid. Always say something which leaves a positive impression on the mind of the interviewer. Say I want to explore the banking sector, i like reading/talking about it, I want to learn something new, I seek stability, growth and 101 other things but never say a negative sentence about your previous employer.

Related to banking sector: Answer these questions in the comments section below

1. Why you want to pursue a career in the Banking sector:  Banking Sector is growing steadily, there is stability and high chances of growth.
2. What do you know about BASEL III norms?
3. What is financial inclusion?
4. Related to Jan Dhan Yojyana.
5. Implications of Fed Tapering.
6. What are open market operations.
7. Services offered by commercial banks.
8. Section 80(C) of Income Tax act.
9. NPAs: Non performing assets and their implication on the banking system.
10. SLR, CRR, Repo, Reverse Repo, Bank rate etc.
11. Functions of RBI
12. RBI Monetary policy.
13. What are derivatives?
14. What are mutual, hedge, pension funds?
15. What is GDP/PPP (Purchasing Power Parity).
16. Fiscal Deficit, current account deficit.

Situation based questions

1. Where do you want to see after 5/10 years: As a successful Branch Manager at your prestigious bank.
2. What is more important for you Salary or Job satisfaction: Salary to feed my family, pay my bills and job satisfaction for myself. This is why i want to join the banking sector, as i get both.
3. Why should we select you: Because i am motivated, smart working, have proven leadership qualities and can make a stellar career in banking.
4. If you don’t get final selection in this examination too what would you do: In life there is no plan B. Actually answer this question as per the mindset of the interviewer. If you are too bold, it might send a wrong signal.


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