UPSC (2016 - 2017) Upcoming Exam Calendar Released

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Union Public Service Commission(UPSC)

For More Govt Jobs :

NamePay ScaleImportant DateMore Details
NTPCRs 26000/-30-07-2016Click Here
DRDA------20-06-2016Click Here
Indian Air ForceRs 20000/-13-06-2016Click Here
DRDORs 8166/-20-06-2016Click Here
Kotak Mahindra Bank------10-06-2016Click Here
Income Tax DepartmentRs 34800/-12-06-2016Click Here
AadhaarRs 39100/-15-07-2016Click Here
Food Corporation of India (FCI)Rs 18070/-06-06-2016Click Here
Metro RailRs 150000/-03-07-2016Click Here
IOCLRs 32000/-20-06-2016Click Here
UPSCRs 34800/-23-06-2016Click Here
Railway Recruitment CellRs 20200/-06-06-2016Click Here
Rural Development DepartmentRs 17000/-10-06-2016Click Here
SSCRs 34800/-08-06-2016Click Here
ESICRs 50000/-14-06-2016Click Here
TPSCRs 39100/-30-06-2016Click Here
High CourtRs 35000/-30-06-2016Click Here
Punjab & Sind Bank-----13-06-2016Click Here
State Cooperative Bank Rs 16968/-08-06-2016Click Here
ONGCRs 55000/-08-06-2016Click Here
Mumbai Metro RailRs 62000/-10-06-2016Click Here
Public Service CommissionRs 67000/-21-06-2016Click Here
Data Entry OperatorRs 20200/- 10-06-2016Click Here
Central Social Welfare BoardRs 34800/- 26-07-2016Click Here
Andhara BankRs 11.80 LPA 13-06-2016Click Here
IFCIRs 52000/-20-06-2016Click Here
TNPLRs 36000/-15-06-2016Click Here
Tamilnad Mercantile BankRs 125000/-10-06-2016Click Here
South Indian BankRs 42020/-07-06-2016Click Here
Police------21-06-2016Click Here
DRDO------15-06-2016Click Here
SBI------20-06-2016Click Here
NBRCRs 45000/-17-06-2016Click Here
BSFRs 20200/-20-06-2016Click Here
North Eastern RailwayRs 20200/-16-06-2016Click Here
CBIRs 39100/-23-06-2016Click Here
Union Bank Of India-------10-06-2016Click Here
Ordnance FactoryRs 20200/-20-06-2016Click Here
CODRs 20,200/-20-06-2016Click Here
President SecretariatRs 34800/-15-06-2016Click Here
RITESRs 73000/-13-06-2016Click Here
GSECL-----15-06-2016Click Here
RUVNLRs 39100/-17-06-2016Click Here
Mumbai Port TrustRs 10000/-08-06-2016Click Here
Zila PanchayatRs 8300/-15-06-2016Click Here
MDL-----30-06-2016Click Here
GSRTCRs 7800/-24-06-2016Click Here
TSPSCRs 91450/-10-06-2016Click Here
SSNNLRs 20000/-15-06-2016Click Here

NamePay ScaleImportant DateMore Details
LIC-------30-06-2016Click Here
UPSESSBRs 34800/-05-07-2016Click Here
NRRDARs 67000/-24-06-2016Click Here
Transport CorporationRs 20200/-23-06-2016Click Here
HPCLRs 24900/-30-06-2016Click Here
South Indian Bank------15-06-2016Click Here
RBI------10-06-2016Click Here
Municipal CorporationRs 40000/-16-06-2016Click Here
Collector Office------13-06-2016Click Here
Oriental Bank of CommerceRs 20000/-15-06-2016Click Here
Bank Of IndiaRs 51490/-14-06-2016Click Here
PHEDRs 20200/-31-08-2016Click Here
ISRORs 34800/-17-06-2016Click Here
UPSCRs 39100/-16-06-2016Click Here
Northern RailwaysRs 34800/-20-06-2016Click Here
Collector OfficeRs 7500/-09-06-2016Click Here
IPCRs 50000/-11-07-2016Click Here
MHARs 67000/-14-07-2016Click Here
BELRs 32500/-14-06-2016Click Here
IARIRs 25000/-09-06-2016Click Here
Naval Ship RepairRs 6300/-30-06-2016Click Here
SECLRs 19035/-15-06-2016Click Here
AIIMSRs 39100/-03-07-2016Click Here
Nagpur Metro RailRs 73000/-17-06-2016Click Here
SAILRs 75000/-18-07-2016Click Here
Punjab National BankRs 31540/-13-06-2016Click Here
BECILRs 25000/-13-06-2016Click Here
PGCILRs 16500/-13-06-2016Click Here
BELRs 62000/-11-06-2016Click Here
Delhi Metro RailRs 46500/-27-06-2016Click Here
RBI-----10-06-2016Click Here
Shipping Corporation Of IndiaRs 58000/-20-06-2016Click Here
UDHDRs 50000/-08-06-2016Click Here
Indian Air ForceRs 20000/-13-06-2016Click Here
Rural DevelopmentRs 17000/-06-06-2016Click Here
RBI-----06-06-2016Click Here
DSTRs 39100/- 27-06-2016Click Here
Central Ordnance DepotRs 20200/- 03-06-2016Click Here
FCIRs 18070/- 03-06-2016Click Here
PSCRs 67000/-10-06-2016Click Here
Central Water CommissionRs 20200/-13-06-2016Click Here
Sub InspectorRs 34800/-15-06-2016Click Here
NHRCRs 30000/-10-06-2016Click Here
Exim BankRs 32500/-10-06-2016Click Here
Cabinet SecretariatRs 39100/-06-06-2016Click Here
Tata Motors< Rs 10000030-06-2016Click Here
IOCL------10-06-2016Click Here
BSFRs 34800/-24-07-2016Click Here
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